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Hero of Muslim Asmaa El - Beltagi

Hero of Muslim - Asmaa el Beltagi 

Assalamu'alaikum to all the servant of God, I would like to share a true story about the current issue which is martyrs Asmaa el- Beltagi, May Allah repay her kindness and place her to Heaven Insya Allah.

Smart girl 17 year old has a bright future , but due to the cruel actions of the Egyptian army she could not realize her ambitions .

Asmaa el- Beltagi , single daughters to the Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood movement , Mohammed Beltagi was one of 525 martyrs after government authorities while acting raided two camps of protesters in the capital, August 14.

Before the incident she was shot , the thick -spirited teenager managed to shout words of encouragement : Do not move ! Victory will favor us soon. Do not let the military finish this revolution !

When the army launched an operation to evict the former supporters of ousted president , Mohammed Mursi , Asmaa with her mother is helping victims injured in a tent placed near Rabaa Al- Adawiya Square .

Although still teens , character and attitude reflect her behavior as a mature girl . Asmaa is not afraid of a military threat , she continued to help her brother were injured teenager eventually collapsed near the podium in the square after being shot in the chest and back.

According to her brother , Asmaa died because they could not undergo a blood transfusion due to her injuries. Dream to study in medical school and joined global relief activities had end.

Asmaa has also aspired to join the humanitarian mission , Freedom Flotilla Mavi Marmara ride with her father . Best friend , Yousef stated Asmaa Ethar be responsible for volunteer (the human spirit to participate in peaceful demonstrations protesting the military coup) .

" She believes , people will suffer if the army returned back to rule the country," she said.

Asmaa also actively participate in a series of protests held in the country since the revolutionary uprising in 2011 . On July 3, Asmaa determined to stay Rabaa Al- Adawiya Square after General Abdel Fattah al - Sisi announced the coup that overthrew Mursi .

The girl always hold the Quran and in the presence of her father to give moral support . An hour before the heartbreaking incident , Asmaa be worked grease collecting bricks used by her brother to build barriers on the square.

However , the restructuring task undertaken by the organizers apparently have been her last fight . Asmaa also briefly last status update on Facebook : " They killed us in the moment we are bowing and prostration , Pray , O servant of Allah , may come support the team like waves in the ocean , "
In addition, the message also displays the final via Twitter : " Yes Lord , we have no one but Thee, O God, "

To commemorate the struggle Asmaa , some good friends have launched specific accounts on social networking sites including symbols R4BIA specially dedicated to the iconic Turkish activists revolution .

To my lovely daughter Asma el- Beltagy ,

I  did not say goodbye to you because tomorrow we will meet again .
You have dedicated your life to fight tyranny to rebuild the country.
I  did not get enough time to spend with you especially when I’m  not allowed to keep you company .
The last time we were sitting on Rabaa Al Adawiya Square , you asked me, " Even if you with us, you are always busy , " and I  said “Life is too short to enjoy,

So , I  prayed to Allah that we shall be able to enjoy life together in heaven , "
Two days before you killed , I  saw you wearing a white wedding dress that enhances your beauty .
At that time, I  asked, " Is this the night your marriage ? " You answer , "No dad , it will be ' held ' in the afternoon . "
After receiving the news that you died in the afternoon ( August 14 ), then now I  understand the meaning of the dreams .

Your death as a martyr has further strengthened the belief that we are on the right side.
O my daughter , until now , I  felt very sad for not being able to see you for the last time , never able to kiss your forehead and your funeral prayers. .
With the name of Allah , I do not attend is not because of fear of the threat  around but i had vowed to continue and finish our fight .

Finally , my dear daughter ,
I  will not say goodbye because we'll probably meet again in heaven and I  hope this prayer be answered ALLAH , GOD willing .

Your Father : Mohammed Beltagi

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